Draft Version

DALI consists of two days of workshops (usually 3 workshops in parallel) and around one day of keynote talks. Here is a tentative list of speakers and workshops.

Keynote Speakers

  • Ciira wa Maina
  • Jennifer Listgarten
  • Lester Mackey


  • Deep Reinforcement Learning and Robotics (Raia Hadsell)
  • Healthcare in Machine Learning (Danielle Belgrave)
  • Fairness in Machine Learning (Moustapha Cisse and Vukosi Marivate)
  • Machine Learning Theory (Samory Kpotufe and Ilya Tolstikhin)
  • Optimization (Simon Lacoste-Julien)
  • Security and Robustness (Pushmeet Kohli)

Full schedule of the workshop will be announced soon.